Weasel Breweries™ Product Marketing

Abbot Athos is an odd man. He loves the idea of giving away Weasel Breweries recipes, but he's very jealous of his marketing plan. That's because of his secret, fevered dreams of one day working as the VP of Marketing for a real brewery. Lately, the other monks have been getting into the act, too... when the moon is full, or when it's Wednesday, the abbey rings to sounds of high-pitched chittering and tittering of rather high pitchmen scribbling labels and dreaming dreams of world domination.

Oh well, the beers and meads below are listed most recent label first. Click on the images below to see slightly larger than life versions of the front and back labels.

Weasel Breweries is an Equal Opportunity Offender.

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Last update: 29 August 2011