Legalities: On The Law of The Land

Even pious, old, cloistered, beer swilling clergymen are occasionally forced to consider things secular, and this page covers some of our more serious worldly concerns, namely the law and our rights, privileges and responsibilities. Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, but don't forget to give due consideration to Olde Pyehole, Abbot Athos and the rest of the Monks of Ann Arbor Abbey.

On Regulations Set Forth by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF)

Under U.S. federal regulations, it is legal for individuals to brew up to 100 gallons per year for personal consumption (or up to 200 gallons per year per family) without being subject to taxes. We understand this limitation and strictly adhere to it, Mr. BATF Man... sir... your honor.

Weasel Breweries is nothing more than a loosely knit group of friends that enjoy brewing their own, and we do not sell a drop or exceed the legal per person brewing limit. As for the marketing aspects of this page, truth be told, Brother Athos moonlights as a marketing geek for a local high-tech corporation, has plenty of free time (or nothing remotely resembling a personal life, depending on your one's perspective) and can't seem to avoid working and hatching schemes when at home. This sort of hatching usually oocurs late at night.

The copyright and trademarks claimed by the Monks are for real.

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May a lightning stroke of ill fortune and permanently blown karma overtake any man, woman, child, or marketing geek that infringes on these trademarks.


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