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(Because, in the end, no monk is an island...)

The Monks of Ann Arbor Abbey didn't invent the idea of creating a brewing web page and there are a lot of really good pages out here on the world wide web. This page lists some of the ones that get the Weasel Breweries seal of approval.

Brewing Information

The Science of Fermentation

An informative and interesting resource recommended to us by Brittany from the Tri-Mountain Charter School. Well worth a look --and thank you Brittany!

The Brewery

Homebrewing beer. Most homebrewing information available on the Internet. Lager, ale, mead, cider recipes. Software, reviews, articles, links, more. Totally non-commercial. Home brewed beer.

The Cat's Meow 3

A constantly-growing collection of beer recipes, gleaned from past issues of Homebrew Digest, rec.crafts.brewing, the Mead Lovers Digest, the Cider Digest, and other Internet sources.

Gambrinus Mug

An interactive recipe database. Browse for recipes, or enter your personal favorite to share with other homebrewers.

The Beer Recipator

An interactive beer recipe spreadsheet by Mark Riley. Very Cool.

Mead Makers Page

A good page for those brewers with Jobian patience and a sharp sweet tooth.

Mead Made Complicated

A nice, full-featured mead site by Mathieu Bouville.

Mead FAQ

Dick Dunn's mead-lovers README file.

RealBeer Page

Everything you want to know about craft-beer can be found here, and more!


Brewing software for the discriminating brewer.

Great Beer Links

Pointers to related web sites, FTP archives, newsgroups, FAQs, and related resources.

Brewing Clubs

Homebrewers Association (AHA)

The American Homebrewers Association is dedicated to providing information to its 20,000 members and the general public on the art and science of homebrewed beer. Whether you're about to start brewing your own beer or you're already an advanced homebrewer, the AHA has what you need to make great homebrew!

Ann Arbor Brewers Guild

A group of brewers from Ann Arbor, Michigan with whom the Monks of Ann Arbor Avenue are not affiliated.

Brewing Club

A snazzy web site from a real brewing club down in Hellton, Tejas.

Brewing Supplies

Austin Homebrew Supply -- Texas

The online home of the guys who have half of our money now.

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