Weasel Breweries™ Recipes:
Black Death Stout

Back Label Text:
As Chaucer said, "One must needs keep on one's toes while one checks for buboes." Stay alert while you relax with this espresso- charged, chocolatey elixir. First brewed to stave off Satan's accursed plague, this caffeinated stout is one seriously stiff Full Metal Hoopajoop from the jittery, flea-ridden Monks of Ann Arbor Avenue. Drink and make merry for this may be your last.

This recipe is designated Weasel Breweries Confidential Proprietary and has been withdrawn by order of Weasel Breweries Master Brewer, Olde Pyehole.

To comment, complain or confess, send email to the Monks of Ann Arbor Abbey.

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Last update: 29 August 2011