Weasel Breweries Beer Recipes and Meaditations

Weasel Breweries' Master Brewer, Olde Pyehole, says most of these recipes just don't suck.

Try them out. Enjoy them. Drink beer.

Extract and Partial Mash Recipes

Accidental Brewerist™Nut Brown Ale Little Mary Eliza Pyehole's Mild Ale™
Arrogant Bastard™ Scottish Ale Massai IPA™
Atlas Shrugged (barley wine) Miserable Litigious Belgian Bastard's Ale
Aulde Boggey's Yule Gargle Olde Pyehole's Nottingham Ale I
Bigfoot Kiwi Nixon's™ Blind Lemon Blues Ale™ Olde Pyehole's Nottingham Ale II
Black Death Stout Olde Pyehole's Unicorn Ale™
Brother Galore's Nutty Surprise Vanilla Porter Paddy O'Pyehole's Midnight Run Irish Ale™
Bruce Pyehole's Aboriginal Ale™ Pearl Harbor Pilsner™
Captain John's Nut Brown Ale Quick Brown Weasel Ale
Der Alten Lump Rich Bitch Lager™
Goat's Head Soup™ Amber Ale Samurai PA™
Fourth Horseman ESB™ Sudden Frog IPA™
Harpy's Revenge ESB™ Treehugger's Ale™
Himself: An Irish Ale™ Wolfmilk Cream Ale™
Landfill Steam™ Zenda's Retreat ESB™

All Grain Recipes

Ass Bock™ Lumpktoberfest™
Mocha Choka Latta Ya Ya™ Lumpkin's Wild Oat Potation™ (Oatmeal Stout)
Olsch Kolsch Bygolsch™ Witless Ginger™

Mead Recipes

Black Widow Melomel™ Palliative Purgative Pacific Pyment™
Smilin' Jack's Cactus Mead™ Santa's Special Childhood Memories Xmas Mead™

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