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Brother Lumpkin's Lumpktoberfest™

Back Label Text:
"Hanz, sind Ihr leiderhosen das Kriechen herauf Ihren Esel?"
"Ja. Ich fuhle mich wie Orson Welles in einem Zapfen, Franz."
"Gut sind Sie ein fetter unehelich."
"Blick, der Sie spricht, ruelpsen, furzen Zeppelin."

"Hanz, are your leiderhosen crawling up your ass?"
"Yes. I feel like Orson Welles in a thong, Franz."
"Well, you're a fat bastard."
"Look who's talking, you belching, farting zeppelin."
"A toast!"

Another Full Metal Hoopajoop from the culturally savvy, sophisticated Monks of Ann Arbor Abbey.™

Double Decoction Mash using 1/3 of mash per decoction. Elapsed Time: 5 1/2 hours. Makes 10 gallons.

  • 18 lbs. Czech 2-Row Pilsner Malt
  • 4 lbs. Munich Malt
  • 1 lb. Mellanoidin Malt
  • 3.0 oz Hallertau (bittering)
  • 2 vials liquid German lager yeast - White Labs #830 German Lager Yeast;

1) Dough In & Acid Rest

Preheat the mash vessel. Set a strike temperature of 95F (23 quarts of water at 98 F for 23 pounds of grain). Stir mash thoroughly to ensure even temperature. After dough in, rest at 95 F for 20 minutes.

2) First Decoction

Stir mash thoroughly. Remove aproximately one third of the thickest part of the mash and transfer to boiling pot. (Using a strainer allows control over the amount of liquid in the decoction). We added 8 cups of mash liquid to the decoction.

Slowly heat decoction to boiling. Be patient, or you'll scorch the mash, which sucks and gives a unique burnt smell to your beer (so we've heard). Hold the decoction at boiling for 20 minutes, stirring vigorously (constantly, while boiling). Make sure that the main mash pot is holding at 95 F.

Slowly return decoction to mash pot.

3) Protein Rest

After you return the decoction to the mash pot, the main mash should be at 123 deg. F. If it isn't, make it so. Rest for 20 minutes.

4) Second Decoction

Repeat the process for the first decoction (number 2 above), except the main mash should remain at protein rest temperature.

5) Main Mash Saccharification

After you return the decoction to the mash pot, the main mash should be at 151 deg. F. If it isn't, make it so. Hold saccharification temp until conversion is complete (20-60 min).

6) Mash Out

Raise the whole mash to 168 deg. F until saccharification is complete, approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

7) Sparging

Sparge the mash 45-90 minutes with 180 deg. F water and then transfer wort from mash pot to boil pot.

7) Boil

After sparging, bring the wort to a vigorous boil, stirring occasionally. Inhale.

Boil the wort for 60 minutes, adding ingredients at the following intervals:

Start of boil: Bittering hops- 3.0 oz. Hallertau hops

60 minutes: Stop boil.

8) Chill

Cool the wort to 80 F or lower before adding yeast. Cool the wort as quickly as possible to prevent infection, preferrably using a one- or two-stage wort chiller. Transfer to primary fermenter and pitch yeast.

9) Fermentation

Transfer wort to primary fermenter. Leave primary fermenter at approximately 70F for 12 hours, then lower temperature to primary fermentation temperature of 54 F. After fermentation subsides, approximately 7 to 10 days later, raise temperature to diacetyl rest temperature of 60 deg. F and hold until diacetyl odors (banana smell) dissipates.

10) Bottling and Lagering

After diacetyl rest, transfer Lumpktoberfest to secondary for lagering at 40F for 2 months. Then prime and bottle. Age to taste. (Weasel Breweries recommends a minimum of two months. More is often better.)

Incarnation Date Comments
1 Unsuccessful 30 Apr 1999 Abbot Athos broke the carboy in a fit of demonic possession.
2 Successful 06 May 1999 After 5 months, beautiful malty Oktoberfest beverage. Too bad there were only five gallons.
3 Successful 04 Mar 2000 Textbook double decoction.

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