Special Feature:
Star Trek Haiku

Poetic meditations by Brian, Sandy, and Noah

Where No Man Has Gone Before

    Hose threatens behind.
    Spock smiles beneath turtleneck.
    Silver gleams from eyes.

The Corbomite Manuever

    After the midget bluff,
    Chromatic trademark monster
    Revealed in the end.

Mudd's Women

    Mischef loosens belt.
    The drug's crystal mystery
    Grasps the Venus knee.

The Enemy Within

    Cerebus must die.
    Scarlet rape, the whiskey burns.
    Violence unites.

The Man Trap

    Mottled bloody face;
    Pity the doppelganger...
    Buffalo Murder.

The Naked Time

    Itchy palms speak tomes
    While Richelieu stalks the halls.
    Why does logic weep?

Charley X

    Well-punished laughter,
    Token of a child's longing:
    Beehive disappoints.

Balance of Terror

    Romans know no peace.
    Wedding passions cool early
    But fire marries men.

What are Little Girls Made of?

    Red fall sounds the depths
    As golems and men make war
    In ancient ruins.

Dagger of the Mind

    This new punishment
    With doves and pastel lighting
    Strangely, creates love.


    Grub-like pustules
    Late erased with breaking glass,
    The Only grow old.

The Conscience of the King

    The False alarm, and yet
    Such providence in the fall;
    Rough-hewn tragedy.

The Galileo Seven

    In the giant's land,
    What is higher than logic?
    A flare restores hope.

Court Martial

    Logic hides its aims;
    Queen's gambit holds greater goal.
    Cloaked humanity.

The Menagerie

    Ugly shows a new face,
    Or is this an illusion?
    Back to turtlenecks.

    What deception this?
    Grind no bones to make no bread...
    The Mongol of Youth.

Shore Leave

    Gather ye rosebuds:
    While Stukas strafe and men brawl
    A maid finds her weeds.

The Squire of Gothos

    Child of history,
    Of histrionics perhaps
    And gothic dangers.


    Leopard Loined Lizard:
    He's got balls but not a gun...
    Quick whiff of sulfur.

The Alternative Factor

    Brief nonexistence.
    A positronic Van Dyke,
    Two scruffy faces.

Tomorrow is Yesterday

    Singular impact.
    The sons of the first flyers
    Require his return.

The Return of the Archons

    The rebels return
    From the future. Gothic cloaks
    And red rebellion.

A Taste of Armageddon

    Why rescue lemmings
    When, with a slight suggestion,
    They show you the abyss.

Space Seed

    Crawl on hands and knees.
    Face the sleepers from the past.
    Genesis shall come.

The Trouble with Tribbles

    A sacred duty
    Meets a jolly fat trader.
    No tribble at all.

The Gamesters of Triskellion

    Pavel meets his master.
    Kirk holds green hair in thrall
    While he throws the dice.

A Piece of the Action

    Phaser through window
    Viewed from a stolen flivver.
    What prime directive?

Plato's Stepchildren

    Psychic's wound festers,
    Poetry and dance result.
    Kiss in black and white.

Mirror, Mirror

    Sulu with a scar,
    So Kirk must act the savage
    'Til Spock shows the way.

Journey to Babel

    Sarek shows his skill
    While pigs play among the lords
    Spock's blood purifies.

Amok Time

    Blood begins to burn
    Spock kills Kirk in lusty ire.
    A logical choice!

The Immunity Syndrome

    Intrepid's great pain
    Hides the expectant mother.
    A life form now lost.

The Way to Eden

    Uhura sings the blues.
    Though Kirk is just a herbert,
    Spock knows how to swing.

Friday's Child

    Unborn child shall rue
    Foreign name and broken land:
    Leonard James Akar.

Patterns of Force

    Spock's wermacht jackboots
    Peaceful men of Zeon weep
    As the darkness falls.

By Any Other Name

    Crewmen into dust
    Scot's brave fight to the bitter end
    Kirk's lips end the fight.

Day of the Dove

    Pastel evil lurks
    Deadly wounds are struck in vain
    And giddy heads prevail.

The Paradise Syndrome

    Kirk, the great spirit
    His wife great with God's own child
    Kirk's loss is our gain.

Bread and Circuses

    Kirk as Spartacus
    A fight at Caesar's palace
    Ends in ratings flop.

Operation Annihilate

    Pancakes drive us mad.
    Needless light robs Spock of sight,
    Bad script brings it back.

Who Mourns for Adonis

    Lust of lonely Greek
    Toga party of the Gods
    'Mid silent ruins.

The Cloud Minders

    With heads in the clouds,
    Dainty lords face poisoned serfs.
    Strato gets the shaft.

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