Steamed Artichoke

Organically grown California artichoke, steamed, talked sternly to, and served with an organic oregano and garlic balsamella sauce for dipping.

Fried Goat Cheese Medalions

Low-fat goat cheese, breaded, fried, and served with a rosemary, garlic and sun-dried tomato sauce for skinny-dipping.

Uncle Manny's Grilled Shrimp

A brutal recipe of prawns grilled to an Uncle Manny twenty-count (Uncle Manny was a heavy drinker), bitch-slapped with organic basil, extra virgin olive oil and garlic.

Overstuffed Mushrooms Orson

Cremini mushroom caps stuffed with shrimp, porcini mushroom, and a blend of romano, parmesan, and provolone cheese. Served on a sled.

Bruschetta and Roasted Garlic

Toasted, highly intelligent Italian bread with a whole bulb of freshly roasted organic garlic and pound of fresh weight watching Olestra. Toot your own horn.

Aunt Apollonia's Midnight Obsession

Highly organic dirt dished with a tarnished spoon, served with a side of cousin Santino's paste. Highly recommended and gratifyingly expensive!

Soups and Salads

Fredo's House Salad

Organic mixed greens, roma tomato, gold bell pepper, and shaved purple onion. Fredo was killed for this recipe, so you'd better enjoy it.

Caesar Salad

A large serving of organic mixed greens and early Roman era croutons with our salmonela-free, eggless Caesar dressing. Order this only if you can explain the point of eating an eggless Caesar dressing.

Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Thinly sliced, organically-grown, fresh roma tomatoes with slices of whole mozzarella cheese and organic basil in a balsamic vinagrette.


The Italian classic made with cruelty-free ingredients. Visualize whirled chick peas.

Tuscan Onion and Garlic Soup

An oniony garlicky taste treat, but definitely a soup for the lovelorn.

Soup Liana

An expensive, high-status, organic, cruelty- and hormone-free cream soup with sea bass, mussels, farm-raised clams, and shrimp, topped with chives and gently grated parmesan cheese, served with much aplomb, groveling and asides to the general clientele on your good taste and obvious breeding.


Classic Lasagna (la zawn ya)

The definitive Italian lasagna with spicy Italian sausage, and hormone- and cruelty-free mozzarella, riccotta, parmesan, and romano cheese. No imagination required.

Canneloni della Vigilia

Canneloni stuffed with spinach and riccotta cheese, served with your choice of balsamella and parmesan or marinara sauce. The "vigil" comes later in the evening.

Linguini with Red Clam Sauce

Fresh linguini served in a classic tomato sauce with farm-raised clams, red wine and garlic. just say "Howdy there, li'l segniorena!"


Stuffed with prosciutto, porcini mushrooms and spinach, served with balsamella and parmesan or marinara sauce. A bitch to make but Oh So Sassy!

Uncle Manny's Niece's Pet Easter Duck "Waddles"
(Traditional Pasta Especiale)

Smoked, gender-inspecific, free-range duck in an organically-grown, sun-dried tomato-herb pesto, served on a platonic, mutually-supportive bed of farfalle noodles.

Chicken Marsalla

Whole free-range chicken breast in a Marsalla sauce with braised onion, garlic, and sauteed mushrooms.

Veal Marsalla

Abused, hormone- and antibiotic-filled, frightened veal cutlet standing for months in the same sauce -- for conscienceless bastards.

Veal Vincenzo

For the karmically ignorant, veal loin chop sauteed with commercially-grown sage, cheap garlic, and industrial-grade chardonnay.

Beef Tenderloin Medallions

Tender slices of homone- and cruelty-free, non-human sentient being tenderloin in a red wine demiglaze.

Il Sea Duce

Bold, hairless, sexy, aggressively seasoned sea bass in a socially democratic sauce of extra virgin olive oil, lemon zest, garlic and northern alpine herbs. Never surrender your plate!

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant, the haggis of the vegetable world, served in a spicy marinara sauce with very ripened mozzarella and parmesan cheese.


Poached Pear

Vine-ripened, stolen pears, poached in red wine, clove, and brown sugar, served with ameretti cookies.


Fried pastry shell filled with Italian custard cream. Very traditional and unexciting. Get a life.

Antonio's Cheese Cake

New York-style cheese cake with a raspberry glaze topping floating on dark chocolate sauce. A mugging in each serving.

Apple Tart

Warm apple pastry a la mode drizzled with caramel sauce and served on a strumpet.

Sun-Dried Prawns Valdez

Shrimp served in raw crude oil, for those who just can't get enough to eat before desert.

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